Nov 22 2021

Tantra Massage London

What is a tantra massage?

A BDSM tantric massage is a loving touch full of attention and presence, without a standard form and predetermined result—a Tantra massage is given from the heart. In a tantric massage, the whole body participates, and erogenous zones can also touch.
Of course, always with respect for (mutual) boundaries. Tantra massage London is an energetic massage in which sexual energy also gets attention. A tantra massage takes place based on equality and establishes an intimate connection between the massage giver and receiver.
Mentally, physically, at a heart level, and sometimes even at heart and soul depths. The purpose of a tantra massage in London is to “bring” the receiver in (the direction of) a natural, ecstatic state of being.
The effect is often a fantastic physical, mental well-being. Usually, the receiver is very relaxed, wonderfully flowing, and ends up well in the heart and higher spheres.
BDSM Tantra Massage

Why is BDSM fun?

The term BDSM is a broad one, and there are many and somewhat varied reasons that some forms of it appeal to people.
Just sex? as in the physical act … pretty much the same physically … it is the mental, emotional things that do it for me. BDSM is just a different framework for a relationship that you gel with more than what others call a “vanilla” relationship.
What is done prior, during, and after BDSM, which involves sex, will stimulate more brain chemicals for Pleasure/pain, be it physical, emotional, or otherwise, enhancing the experience for different people. Get more informed about the BDSM session by login into this site

Is BDSM a healthy sexual practice?

A healthy BDSM relationship involves communication, negotiation, and above all, consent. From both parties. Many say that since the sub has a safeword, and you should always have a safeword, it means that they’re the ones who have the actual power.
A responsible dom never forces their sub to do things to please them solely, the dom, especially when the replacement is uncomfortable. They should always put the safety and concern of their relief first. Think of him or her as a nurturer. That is why communication, like in any other relationship, is so important.
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