About me

Your London Mistress ā€“ Goddess Nicole BDSM

Iā€™m Goddess Nicole, my roots reach as far as Africa, Asia, and Europe. I am a BDSM Mistress based in London. I love to travel worldwide and have a passion for domination, sensual dark tantra, kink, and enslavement.

I have many years of experience in BDSM, Fetishes, Sensual Massage, and Dark Tantra to name just a few kinks. I enjoy nothing more than seeing those before me submit, wanting their limits pushed, dominating, and exerting control at all times.

You are not here to just worship me physically, but you are stepping into the realm of a deeply sensual, passionate, and psychological BSDM Mistress who enjoys gaining full control of my submissives, both mentally and physically.

As each session is unique to the submissive, I like to tailor the experience to get the most out of my slaves.

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